We are specialised in producing short videos that explain your product or service - for your website, a trade fair or for client presentations.

With our worldwide network of film and animation talents, we turn even the most complex and abstract topic into an entertaining movie.

Here are some of our latest works.
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Showreel with excerpts from animations for Bitcoin clients.

Video for the peer-to-peer lending platform Bitbond (English & Spanish).

Video for the Bitcoin payment system Coinzone.

Video for the decentralised exchange *thisApp.

Trailer for the Bitcoin Conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Video for the Bitcoin trading platform Bitcoin Trader.

Video for the Swiss cable company Reichle & De-Massari.

Video for the Bitcoin wallet Mycelium.

Video for the Bitcoin security device Mycelium Entropy.

Video on the monetary system for the party Partei der Vernunft.

Video ad for the Book of Satoshi.

Video for the shopping software BopShop.

Video for the Bitcoin-based talent backing system CoinPowers.

Video for Colored Coins, a software that enables new forms of trading.

Video for KnC Miner, a company for Bitcoin mining hardware.

Video for Krediation, a consultancy specialised in real estate funding.

Video for the travel expert system Chimpando.

Video for the European Federation of Energy Traders.

Video for the European Federation of Energy Traders.

Video for the encrypted cloud service Secumundo.

Video for the Bitcoin market place Bitcoin.de.